Date | 24.01.2013 - 27.01.2013
Venue | Performative Kunst, Raum EA3, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Wien
Rundgang 2013

Rundgang 2013 plakat

Rundgang 2013 Pdf

Veronika Burger even if the lights go out, there is still light Pre- and post-production film set, Installation, 2013. An unfinished stage, two neon-lamps, 3 museum posters, four MoMA boxes, 3 epoxy resin ponies, a set of cheerleader-sticks, a paper shark, a paper unicorn and 3 acrylic glass columns.Supervero 13/1

Supervero 13/2

Theresa Luise Grindlstrasser Reise nach Jerusalem
Live-Performance 2013. Music by Katrin BaumgartnerGrindlstrasser 13/1
Grindlstrasser 13/2
Nicole Ziegler Ohne Titel 2013 Video 1.53minZiegler 13/1
Nina HerlitschkaNina Rundgnag13/1
Nina Rundgnag13/2
Nina Rundgnag13/3